Terms and conditions for using Whizz - The Massive Quiz

We request that you carefully read these terms and conditions before accessing or using the Service and/or when signing up to use it. If you do not fully accept these Terms and Conditions, do not proceed to access the application, since this will mean that you have accepted them and any future alteration made to them that WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ carries out. The Terms and Conditions can be fully or partly altered only by the owner of the site and said changes and implementations will be in force from the very moment they are published or put into the application by said owner, we suggest you visit these periodically.

WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ also reserves the right to limit usage and storage at the total discretion of WHIZZ the massive quiz, at any time and without notice. As our service is linked to an external server located in The United States, for which GOOGLE INC is responsible (hereinafter "Google", whose registered address, is at 1600 Ampitheatre Parkway, Mountain view, CA 94043, USA) and problems may occur that harm performance or operation of the service (temporary or permanent) due to reasons beyond the control of WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ.

Privacy policy and Data Protection

By using the Services, You hereby accept the compilation and use of certain information about yourself, as specified in the application and in this document. WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ is in no way responsible for the use of personal data information compiled as it is an outside company that is responsible for the privacy policy at the time of using said information. At WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ, we are committed to safeguarding the privacy of the personal information for the user obtained by means of the website, software, social networks or events. By this agreement, you hereby authorize WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ to send you news and/or emails containing information related to the purposes of the application, which may contain information for marketing purposes. We remind you that as the owner of personal data, you have the right to know, update, rectify and, if necessary, revoke subscription with your consent. If you wish to receive emails with promotional information from WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ, or if you have other requests or any other questions, indicate this in the corresponding box. Likewise, we would like to inform you that the personal data you have given will be put into an electronic database and processed for marketing purposes with WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ by means of its parent company FURIOUS KOALAS, S.L. its subsidiaries and associate business groups, as well as future campaigns and discount periods or promotion for all its products. WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ, by its privacy policy and security, will not supply any information to other parties other than the owners or to authorities without a prior warrant.

User information: password protection

In relation with the use of services provided by WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ, to access these, you must have a user account on the social networks such as FACEBOOK or GOOGLE + by which you will be able to access WHIZZ, THE MASTER QUIZ. The name and user of the social network chosen for accessing WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ will be required. You are fully responsible for maintaining your password confidential. You may not use the account, the user name or password for any other User at any time. You agree to notify WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ immediately about any improper use of your account, user name or password. WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ, accepts no responsibility for any loss incurred as a result of another person using your password, whether this is to your knowledge or not.

Data storage

The database of Furious Koalas, S.L., is registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency with Nº 2151331749. Furious Koalas does not store personal data of the user, but if, in time, it were to do this, said data would be protected, according to Royal Decree 1720/2007 of the 21st of December, by which the Regulation on development of Organic Law 15/1999, of the 13th of December on personal data protection was passed.

In the data provided, relating to the social network, the user should provide: the user name, email address (if there is one) and the unique internal identifier of the user on this social network. The user can link his or her friends from social networks, for whom no additional information will be obtained. Storage of non-personal information: operating system and device language:identifier assigned by the APIs of push notifications ; operations referring to the scope of payment options carried out by WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ users with the aim of analysing them; general geolocalization of a non-determined user, with the purpose of adapting the service features to the user´s cultural environment No information related to integrated buying will be stored, since to do so, market services are used; Apple and Google Play. Registered:


Subject to compliance with the terms and conditions of this Contract, WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ, hereby grants you a non-exclusive free license, which is not transferrable to a sublicense, revocable and cannot be transferred to use the Services by means of the website or by means of downloading and installing our software in the App Store and Google Play. The services are for your personal and non-commercial use. The services, including the website and applications, or any part of them, cannot be played, duplicated, copied, altered, sold, resold, distributed, visited or in any way exploited for a commercial end without the express consent of WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ. Unless explicitly stated, this Contract does not grant you any intellectual property rights over WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ. The license given in this section is on condition that it is complied with as regards the terms and conditions of this contract. If You do not fulfil any of the requirements of this contract, Your rights will be terminated immediately in accordance with this section. When the services are accessed through Applications that were downloaded from an applications shop or from a applications distribution platform, such as Apple App Store or Google Play, (the applications Provider") You acknowledge that, in accordance with this agreement these are bound to the service provider (GOOGLE Play or Apple Store),as regards the downloading conditions and payments arising from these, as well as any event the Provider may create and to their conditions for which WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ bears no responsibility.

Third party advertising

WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ grants third parties the possibility of advertising on its site providing them with a space to do so. If you wish to advertise on our website you may get in touch with us at the email address: eduardo.monroy.martinez@gmail.com or by telephoning 655 573 796,in these Terms and Conditions and we will provide you with further information regarding this. WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ reserves the right of accepting advertisers on its website. WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ, accepts no responsibility for third party advertising on its website that is deceptive or that in any way infringes the legislation in force and which is applicable to advertising material.

Services Contents; Blog

A public Forum is considered to be any area, site or feature offered as part of the Services (including unlimited public profiles, debate forums, message boards, blogs, chat rooms, emails or instant messaging) that permits You to (a) load, present, publish, show, expose, distribute and/or view user Content, and/or (b) inform, share or interchange user Content with other users or visitors. You acknowledge that the public Forums and the features these have are there for making public and not private communications. You also acknowledge that all You load, present, publish, transmit, inform, share or interchange by means of the public Forum can be seen on the Internet by the general public and therefore You cannot claim any privacy rights as regards all said presentations and publications. You are and must continue to be the only responsible party for the user Content that you load, present, publish, transmit, inform, share or interchange by means of the public Forum and for the consequences of presenting and publishing on it. WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ bears no responsibility perceived, implicit or real for controlling the public forums and specifically accepts no responsibility for the information contained in them. Email communications by WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ. In the provision of Services, You may receive periodical notifications by email from WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ as regards Services, such as new products and information related to Services, all of which is part of the Service and You may not stop receiving this voluntarily. You will also receive periodical promotions and other special offers and material that the owners of this application consider to be to your interest, You may voluntarily choose not to receive these promotional messages at any time (a) following the instructions for cancelling the subscription found in each message; or (b) changing the message preferences in Your account.

Intellectual Property Policy

You acknowledge and agree that the application and all intellectual property rights associated with it are and will continue to be the property of WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ. If you consider that any of your Content has been copied so that you consider your copyright to have been infringed, we would be grateful if you provide us with the following information: (i) the physical or electronic signature of the copyright owner or the person authorized to act on his or her behalf; (ii) identification of the protected work whose intellectual property copyright has been infringed (iii) identification of content that could be infringing or evidence of the infringing content which should be removed or whose access should be blocked, as well as reasonably sufficient information to allow it to be located; iv) your contact information, including your postal address, telephone number and email address; (V) a statement made by you in which you state in good faith that the use of the content in the way shown has not been authorized by the copyright owner, his or her agent or by law; and (vi) a statement in which it is stated that the information included in this notification is correct and that the owner is aware of the penalties for giving false evidence and is authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner in question.

We reserve the right to remove the Content that supposedly infringes intellectual property rights without notice, at our discretion and without any compensation provided for this. If the right circumstances occur, WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ will also be able to terminate the account of a user if it is deemed that said user is a reoccurring offender.


WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ has filtered the contents of this APP so that its use does not infringe any right. Not withstanding the foregoing, WHIZZ THE MASSIVE QUIZ, recommends that the use of the APP is only for persons over 14 years of age, as the APP may be considered merely for play and teaching.


This legal notice and acceptance of these conditions by the user, are subject to Spanish legislation as well as the Courts and court protection provided by the Kingdom of Spain.

Legal Notice of Furious Koalas, SL, B13579669 and with registered addresss at calle Olivo, 30, portal B, 13500, Puertollano, in Ciudad Real, a business owned by Whizz The Massive Quiz.